"APDI" — Automotive Parts Distribution International


Automotive Parts Distribution International or simply APDI is the famous manufacturer of premium quality replacement parts for cooling, heating, and A/C car's systems headquartered in Texas. The brand's line comprises radiators, A/C condensers, radiator and A/C condenser fan assemblies, and other repair parts designed specifically for your vehicle. APDI units allow you to get premium quality components without unnecessary overpayment. For instance, one of the most reputable online retailers in the USA, CARiD carries the collection of APDI radiators and hater cores as well as lots of other parts. The user-friendly interface of the virtual store allows you to find the needed unit for the particular model year of your pride and joy that will fit it perfectly. Besides, budget-friendly prices of the parts won't break your bank.

APDI Condenser

About HVAC System

The HVAC system doesn't affect vehicle's performance, though it is important also as it ensures the comfort of your driving. This system allows you to stay warm inside your vehicle during cold winter days and to add some cool in the hot summer. So, if you have noticed that the HVAC system of your four-wheel friend performs its function less effectively than it did before, the reason may be caused by malfunctioning components.

APDI Radiator Fan Assembly

Top-notch quality units like APDI heater cores, radiators, A/C condensers, and radiator fan assemblies will make your rides comfortable again. Designed using the latest technologies brand’s repair components are able to meet strict OE specifications and replace original units in every way.