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In 1995 Nissan launched the Almera with an advertising line, “The car they don’t want you to drive”. It was supposed to be clever reverse psychology but the British public took it literally and didn’t drive it. Two years later Nissan tried again with a spoof advert based on The Sweeney that showed the 1970s TV tough guys speeding through London in their Almera GTi. Despite being hailed as a perfect parody, the viewers’ watchdog warned the company not to show it again because it encouraged reckless driving. Unbowed, in 2000 Nissan tried to sell a new Almera by promoting its “curry hook” on which to hang your takeaway. Perhaps unsurprisingly this failed too, condemning the Almera to life as a poor relation to the Ford Focus, VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra.

But all this is good news for used car buyers because a second-hand Almera is now an undeniable bargain. Buyers have a choice of 1.5 or 1.8 litre petrol engines producing 89bhp and 114bhp respectively and a 2.2 litre diesel with 110bhp. The best economy comes from the diesel and the best performance from the 1.8 petrol but for me the pick of the bunch is the 1.5 litre. The engine is eager, free revving and reasonably refined plus you get the benefit of economical group 4 insurance.

The Almera comes as a three or five-door hatchback and four-door saloon. While the three-door hatch is blessed with the sportier looks it’s the five-door that most buyers prefer. The rather boxy saloon is fine but used examples are less common.

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