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Any GT-R diehard knows that Nissan built the original R-32 Skyline GT-R back in 1989 for one reason. To win races. And it did, not only in Japan, but also in Australia where its 4wd, twin-turbo, hi-tech wizardry blitzed the touring car championships for two straight years.

The man who was to become known as 'Mr GT-R', Kozo Watanabe, followed that racing tradition with the R-33 and R-34 models into the nineties including specially tuned V-spec variants.hen, as if to signal the radical change of direction that chief exec Carlos Ghosn had chosen for Nissan, Watanabe was gone from the picture, replaced by a new team of engineers headed by Kazutoshi Mizuno, former Nissan Le Mans chief engineer and Group C team manager.

And one of the first things Mizuno did, while he and his team worked on the handling traits of the new V35 Skyline saloon, was to modify the GT-R's V-spec suspension set-up. He felt that its harsh, highly strung, razor-edged road-handling characteristics were good for circuit racing - on smooth racetracks - but that in the real world, on real roads, it needed more compliance. The resulting M-spec (obviously using the M from Mizuno!), is not just a better rounded GT-R on all road surfaces, but has repercussions for the sportscar on a worldwide scale. More on that in a minute. A quick spin around the mountains south of Tokyo was enough to see what Nissan has achieved with its latest, and final incarnation of the R34 GT-R.

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