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class-leading cars to Australian buyers, but that's not to say that it hasn't nailed things every now and then. The original 240Z was a good example of the right car at the right time, and the old faithful Datsun 1600 was also better than anything selling alongside it at the time. In more recent times, the Nissan Patrol off-roader has always given the Toyota LandCruiser plenty of marketplace grief.

Most recently, Nissan's soft-roader, the X-Trail, has been the vehicle to show the competition the way in terms of both sales and abilities.

Like a lot of soft-roaders, the X-Trail is based on a jacked-up platform lifted from a conventional passenger car. In Nissan case, it's the medium-sized Primera (which we didn't see in Australia) that forms the basis of the X-Trail. Even then, turning a front-drive passenger car into a four-wheel-drive recreational vehicle doesn't leave much of the original intact, so the X-Trail is very much its own vehicle.

The body layout is the main attraction for many buyers, and the wagon design makes for decent luggage space although there's a higher-than-usual loading-lip height because of the higher ride height. That can work both ways, though, because while it means loads have to be lifted in, they don't need to be lifted up and out as they do from the floor of a conventional boot or station-wagon.

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